Fork To Bracelet...

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to start a blog to let you know a bit more about what I get up to here at Worm Child.

As many of you know I love all things natural! A lot of my work is based on natural forms which I've collected over the years but sometimes I get asked to make one-off commissioned pieces which allow me to explore other forms and occasionally recycle old unused items and turn them into striking pieces of silver jewellery.

Usually the commissioned pieces are carved from wax and then cast in silver or made directly from silver wire or sheet, but recently I was I asked to do something slightly different and turn this old silver fork into a piece of jewellery. Want to know how I did it? Course you do...

As forks go, this one was pretty special. The design was ornate, elegant and had lots of potential to catch an eye or two at the dinner table. From looking at the hallmark I believe the fork could have been made by Hilliard & Thomas in 1899. Talk about authentic vintage style...

After speaking to my client about the different options available we came up with the idea of turning the fork into a cuff. As the fork was quite small we needed to keep the prongs so that it was long enough to reach around my client's wrist. We came up with the lovely idea of turning the prongs into two hearts which link together and it turned out really well as you can see below.

As you can see the fork was transformed into a spellbinding piece which my client was very pleased with. It just goes to show that some everyday items have the potential to be unique pieces of jewellery that you can stamp your style on. So get checking in the cutlery draw, you never know what you might find!

If you have an old piece of silver cutlery that you would like turning into a piece of jewellery please get in touch via email:

Charges may vary depending on the amount of work involved.

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