Chakra Bracelets

I've always loved collecting crystals and over the last few years I've been more interested in their meanings and uses. When I have worked with semi precious stones in the past it's mainly been in my macrame designs, which are available on Etsy (there are currently only a few left if you're interested) and of course in the 'Finders Keepers' necklace.

I decided that I wanted to make a bracelet that would be beneficial to wear rather than being solely aesthetic. That's where my idea came from for the 'Chakra Bracelet'.

Throughout our body we have energy centres; these are referred to as chakras. It is believed that when our chakras are out of balance it can be felt on a mental, emotional or physical level. Colours have vibration frequencies that correspond to energy centres in our body and can be used to provide balance. The stones I have used in this bracelet represent the chakras.

Many different stones can be used to balance your chakras. The table below shows the chakras, their colours and the stones I have used.

I had to of course include a bit of silver. So I added a few silver beads and one of my 'Little Discs' which says CHAKRA. This 'Little Disc' has the WCJ logo and 925 stamp on the back.

Front... Back...

These chakra bracelets are £42 and come wrapped in recycled kraft tissue paper in a Worm Child box. If you would like one of these bracelets please click on the image below which links to my Etsy Shop or send an email to

Thanks for reading!

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